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Dale Dowdie founded Intellitech Consulting Enterprises in 1993, the 3rd company he had started since his first company started while still in college. The goal of Intellitech is to provide intelligent technology solutions for business and educational institutions. Over the past 20 years, Intellitech has provided Software Development, Management/IT Consulting, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity and Consulting Services for organizations, banks and institutions including Liberty Mutual Insurance, Citizens Bank, TJX Companies, Staples and McCormick, to the Government of St. Lucia and Harvard University.

The company has weathered many storms and adjusted its services to meet the ever changing technology demands of the industry. Intellitech continues to grow its customer base in a market that demands effective computing via local/wide-area networking, custom software development database customization, Internet/Intranet services, and systems integration services.

Mr. Dowdie studied computer engineering at Boston University, with a successful track record working for organizations such as the Goddard Space Flight Center(NASA), Lotus Development Corporation, Wang, IBM, and MCI. Over time, that client base evolved to including major banks (Bank of Boston, USTrust, Citizens Bank), Insurance Companies (Liberty Mutual), Healthcare (University Hospitals of Cleveland, Hoffman LaRoche), Biotech (Genzyme) and Retail (Staples, TJ Maxx Companies) organizations. Intellitech has also developed a core vertical market software development team that designs industry specific web/mobile enabled solutions.

One such solution is BARBinc.com. This idea started in 2009 when Mr. Dowdie was frustrated with having to wait when he arrived at his barber for his scheduled appointment. It seemed that his barber had no tools for tracking or managing appointments, nor did he have a web presence. Given Mr. Dowdie’s background, he thought that maybe there was a way that technology could be used to address these issues. However, nothing really progressed with this kernel of an idea until 2011, when Mr Dowdie decided to make the idea a reality.

BARBinc.com was implemented as a Service (created and powered by Intellitech) which would provide Technology solutions for the Hair and Beauty Industry. In the space of a few years, BARBinc.com went from a simple idea to the #1 source of Barbering News and Information on the internet. In 2014, the BARBinc Newswire Service had a following of 19 people and a social media reach of less than 100. By 2017, it had over 50,000 followers and social media reach of over 30 Million. The industry specific services include online and mobile scheduling and shop management, a national directory of barbers/shops/salons/schools, a marketplace to buy and sell industy products, a mobile portal for news, information and event management with more services coming soon. BARBinc.com has customers from the National Association of Barber Boards of America to Bronner Brothers International Hair Show. BARBinc Educators include some of the top Trainers and Educators in the Industry. BARBinc Total Event solutions have been utilized to sell tickets and manage events for some of the biggest hair shows and barber battles in the industry.

Another Solution is BlackFacts.com. Blackfacts is the brain-child of longtime friend and collaborator Ken Granderson, and over the past 20 years it has been running and providing historical facts-of-the-day to our community. Mr. Dowdie was brought in early on to help husband the idea to the next level. However, for years the site remained just a source of black history facts, and in time it grew to be the #1 source for Black Facts on the internet. That all changed in 2017, as Mr. Dowdie and Mr. Granderson finally gave the project the focus it deserved and thus began the process of turning Blackfacts.com from just a historical reference site for Black History into the 'Black Wikipedia' and a showcase of the cultural contributions of people of color and a showcase of the type of technology solutions that can be provided by and to people of color. Those efforts can be seen in this, the latest evolution of BlackFacts.com. There is so much that can be done with the platform, and we hope that you stick around to enjoy the journey with us...

“We are here to alleviate any issue the client is having with new technology, whether that be training, web site development, or networking,” says Mr. Dowdie, who takes pride in understanding the delicate balance of working with people and technology. “Technology may be our future, but people are making the decisions on how it will best benefit their business needs. Our primary focus is to bridge the gap between technology advancement and realistic solutions for companies.”

As a leading edge business based in Boston, MA, Intellitech has a diverse staff of team members with the background and expertise to satisfy clients from around the world. “Human connection is not lost in the Internet, it is only expanded. Our solutions always keep that fact in mind and in the forefront of the minds of our customers.”

Intellitech Website: www.intellitech.net
BARBinc.com Website: www.barbinc.com
BARBinc.com Newswire: news.barbinc.com
Black Facts Website: www.blackfacts.com

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